Richard Mille & Felipe Massa exclusive interview at Marina Mall Abu Dhabi Boutique

“With exclusive, never published before hand sketches, showing development of the design of the fascinating watches.”

After the Etihad YAS Marina Circuit Grand Prix, Richard Mille announced  its new presence in Abu Dhabi through a recent cooperation with Al Manara International Jewellery. The announcement was made in the presence of Mille himself, as well as his friend and famous F1 Scuderia driver Felipe Massa. in cooperation with had the exclusive opportunity to interview them both.

Richard Mille

1- Why this passion for automobile and technical sophistication? 

“It’s very important to grow much over the traditional, rather superficial marketing approach etc.

I am extremely interested in extreme performance . For me, a watch is much more than something glamorous.”

2- How do you select your sports brand ambassadors such as Felipe Massa, Nadal, Yohan Blake and Bubba Watson?

“The first criteria for me is that they must wear the watch. Every time I work with sportsmen, they must use the watch all the time when they play.”

3- Do you have any other type of brand ambassadors besides sports ones? 

“They are more friends of the brands, like with my friend Felipe Massa.  We are with them through their ups and their downs.”

4-  Richard Mille watches are known to be very expensive despite the brand being new. Can you tell us about that?

“Today, we are in a world where everything goes into parameters. I do the development whatever the cost. Sometimes they are huge developments, for example: I officially launched my aviation watch, which will most certainly be the most complex chronograph ever made in watch history. At the end, it took about 5 years of development, so thousands of hours of development,  to release 30 pieces; it cannot be cheap.”


Felipe Massa

1- How does it feel to be one of the few prestigious brand ambassadors for Richard Mille watches? 

“I’m more than ‘ambassador’.. I race with the watch. I am allowed to say what is good or what needs to be improved, and I think that’s really perfect for their development which is fantastic now.”

2- A man of speed in a Ferrari, how do you connect between your luxury watch choice and your driving talent?

“I’m a Formula One driver but it has a lot to do with the technology of the car I drive. And also, everything is in the watch brand.. The technology inside a Richard Mille has a lot to do with what I’m doing. It’s really a perfect combination.”

3- Knowing that Richard Mille is more than a luxury watch, what is so special to you in it?

“What is really incredible in a  Richard Mille watch is that you see the watch and you go completely crazy for it. It’s so beautiful but also so technological. You can do anything with it, even sports. Everybody wants to have a Richard Mille watch. It’s so amazing!”