Red Bull Car Park Drift

The Sporting Authority of the Automobile & Touring Club of Lebanon in collaboration with RED BULL ( are the organizers of the 2010 RED BULL Car Park Drift which was held on Friday July 16th 2010. The Event is run in compliance with the provisions of the National Sporting Regulations and these Rules and Regulations. The Event is a driving event which involves maneuverability and skill on a closed circuit of 800 to 2000 meters long, with a minimum width of 5 meters. Straight lines should not exceed 80 meters. The Event has a minimum distance of 1200 metres.

The start took place individually for each participant with the vehicle stationary and the engine running. The minimal interval between the starts depends on the length the course. The heat ends when the vehicle reaches the finish line; as soon as this is done, the vehicle must reduce speed drastically.