Oriental Night: Bringing You 17 Lebanese Artists!

Another successful summer concert took place in Beirut on July 25th at the Beirut New Waterfront.

The Mahrajan El Oughniye El Sharkiya: Oriental Night Part 5 was a one of a kind event bringing together numerous famous and popular Lebanese singers that performed their biggest hits to a whopping 10,000 people, from VIP’s to oriental music lovers. It was a smashing success since the crowd remained intact from 9 pm all the way till 2 am.

This event was presented by MTV and produced by 2U2C and Arabbooking.

Below is a list of the Lebanese artists that performed at the Oriental night:

1. Joe Achkar
2. Fadi Andrawos
3. Rabieh El Asmar
4. Hisham El Hajj
5. Sarah el Hani
6. Zein El Omr
7. Dina Hayek
8. Mohamed Iskandar
9. Wael Jassar
10. Melissa
11. Naji Osta
12. Nadine Saab
13. Rola Saad
14. Brigitte Yaghi
15. Amer Zayyan
16. Ayman Zbib
17. Melhem Zein