Les Plus Belles Chansons de Notre Dame de Paris put on a Beautiful Show at Biel

Fans of the famous Victor Hugo and famous music by the same name rejoiced at the chance to catch, for the first time a special concert in honor of “Notre Dame De Paris”, Les Plus Belles Chansons de Notre Dame de Paris. The concert featured the original cast of the extraordinary show. Fans in Lebanon were overly enthused to enjoy so many international stars all on the same tray.

The talented team, including Helene Segara, Garou, Patrick Fiori, Daniel Lavoie, Julie Zenatti Bruno Pelletier and Luck Mervil, have performed for over 70,000 persons in Moscow, Kiev and Paris-Bercy and now have graciously brought their talents to Biel Bieurt. Accompanied by a choir of 40 people and an international symphony orchestra of 70 musicians, led by the head of Canadian conductor Guy St–Onge, put on a truly gorgeous show that undoubtedly pleased every spectator at Biel Beirut.

BeirutNightLife.com was happy to be a part of this magnificent event….