Lebanon’s First Ever Pioneer Workshop for DJs

This past week something really great happened in Lebanon. Pioneer Lebanon, Les Fils De Geroges Haddad & Co. invited music business professionals, DJs, producers and more to B018 to learn the heritage and legacy of Pioneer DJing and to get a first hand look at the latest mixers, controllers, players and headphones….all the things that would make a DJ drool. The workshop included a detailed run through of Rekordbox™ music management software, which was presented by Pioneer’s official DJ maDJam. As well as a presentation on the controllers line up with Pioneer Gulf’s product specialist Anir Ban.

MaDJam spoke to BNL right before the event saying, “we’re here at B018 during the day time, usually we are used to the sun being on the other side. Today we have the Pioneer workshop. It’s the first time we are doing this here. We have done it a couple times in Dubai, giving everyone a brief of awesome equipment that makes Pioneer the industry standard for DJ’s, of course. We’ll also go through the Rekordbox™ software. A lot of guys are using the latest equipment but don’t really know how to use the software, so we are going to explain all that while having a great time…it will be cool.” 

Upon entrance at B018, all guests were given a Pioneer branded sports wrist sweatband as well as a branded USB, two very useful items for a DJ. During the workshop a full range of Pioneer products were on display for musicians to try out. Brand ambassador maDJam presented Pioneer’s evolution in parallel to how it set the standards in the DJ scene. He added jokes and personal stories, really making the presentation enjoyable for the public. He shared interesting facts that many didn’t know including how Pioneer was the first to introduce SD cards or digital music when the CD was still new to the game, they had to kill the product because the market wasn’t yet ready for it. It is now standard when it comes to music storage. He continued with a detailed run through of Rekordbox™, giving fellow DJs tips on how to make their job more enjoyable and less stressful. The day ended with dozens of prizes given, lucky participants went home with brand new top of the line Pioneer equipment.

BeirutNightLife.com had a blast learning about the world of DJing…not to mention we snapped a grip load of photos for you to enjoy.