Lebanon Sings “Living Next Door to Alice” Live with Chris Norman


The massive build-up for Chris Norman’s debut performance in Beirut was well-deserved after a fantastic performance by the man and his band.

The former Smokie lead singer performed at the Loft & Warehouse on Saturday April 2nd, with a selection of his favorite classics as a solo artist and as the lead of Smokie. The song everyone was eagerly waiting for was the original “Living Next Door To Alice”, a classic track that has gone several times platinum in its 40+ year history.

A passionate and energetic Chris Norman fingered his electric guitar as he rocked away on the microphone, all the while interacting with the receptive audience. Chris and the band truly brought back the original 60s Rock-feel to Lebanon, with the softer, light-hearted melodies and lyrics the older audience so fondly remembers.

Before the British legend took to the stage, Lebanese Indie Rock Band, Who Killed Bruce Lee, fired up the crowd. The highly underground-acclaimed band were the perfect introduction to the main act, with their non-mainstream and avant-garde techniques which employ synths and keyboards alongside the traditional triade of guitars, bass and drums.