L’Atelier Nawbar: A Cut Above Jewelry

L’Atelier Nawbar is an innovative je

welry and gallery concept that combines the five facets of jewelry making: Design, Manufacturing, Retail, Exhibition and Restoration, brought together in one unique space. It is the first gallery of its kind in Lebanon and it introduce a holistic collaboration between designers, artisans, retailers and consumers.

The Legacy

L’Atelier Nawbar, is an extension of the Nawbar family’s jewelry legacy.  Dima and Tania Nawbar, who are now the fourth generation of the Nawbar family jewelers, continue the long line of the Nawbar tradition in jewelry making, infused with a contemporary, modern and creative edge. The sisters maintain the hallmarks of their ancestors by reinventing their family history, preserving their eye for design and sustaining fine workmanship.

The Space

Located in Hamra, in one of Beirut’s most prestigious Jewelry streets, L’Atelier Nawbar’s contemporary multi-use space, acts as retailer, manufacturer and as a gallery.

The atelier is a museum-like space where the traditional is combined with the contemporary. The walls pay homage to the history of jewelry-making while hip young designers get the chance to exhibit their latest creations.  The layout of the gallery has been specially designed to lead the visitors across from one corner of the gallery to the next, in order to properly get a feel of the atelier experience. Each section of the space has been meticulously designed to serve a specific purpose, from checking out the jewelry on display, to sitting quietly on our bench and admiring the latest painting or installation on display, as well as the opportunity to browse through our library. The space brings together the varied personalities of the creative sister duo in a space that can not be defined as just a museum, gallery, or jewelry boutique but a merge of all three together with a modern twist.

The workshop is visually pleasing due to the sophisticated design layout, where one can meet the goldsmiths and artisans carefully at work behind an exposed glass-wall workshop area which allows them produce designs and restore on site.  The trendy furniture and luminous projections in the designated gallery area keeps the space modern and fresh while placing special emphasis on the jewels being exhibited in sleek displays for retail such as contemporary and vintage collections that Tania and Dima Nawbar have collected over the years.

To put it simply, L’Atelier Nawbar is envisioned as an accessible place for customers and designers to turn to. If a designer needs an exhibition space and a team of craftsmen, L’Atelier Nawbar provides it. If someone has a specific design in mind, they can draw it on the spot or browse through our media section for ideas and inspiration. And if retailers are looking to manufacture a design in bulk or to repair pieces, they can count on our experts to provide them with what they need.

The Facets

The following is a selected list of services offered by L’Atelier Nawbar:

Retail Gallery

L’Atelier Nawbar offers a dazzling choice of services for its clientele. Beginning with the signature collection by Nawbar, our customers have access to new collections by some of the finest and most original jewelry and gem artists in Beirut.

Exhibition Space

L’atelier Nawbar’s showroom will be available to exhibit the collections of collaborating jewelers as well all types of artists from furniture designers to painters and photographers. L’atelier Nawbar welcomes art in all forms.

WorkShop – Workmanship and Manufacturing

Retailers and jewelry designers can design their line, and L’Atelier Nawbar will render it and produce it in individual or bulk amounts.

Repair and Restoration

Jewelers from Hamra and Beirut are able to make use of L’Atelier Nawbar’s ultra-convenient location and skilled labor. These services are also at the disposal of individual clients.

Furthermore, L’Atelier Nawbar offers clients the chance to bring back the glamour to older pieces they own, with personalized repair, re-setting or restoration.