Ketel One Vodka Tasting Event at Iris

Ketel One, a brand that nightlife trusts. Years and years go by and Ketel One’s name still stands as a top Vodka brand. I am sure that there are many factors that come to play when discussing the success of Ketel One but there is no doubt about it, a key player in the Vodka game is taste.

Ketel One put on an event at Iris, the lovely venue perfect for such an occasion. The event, which was a lecture providing information about the brand as well a tasting of Ketel One’s rage of Vodkas, went off without a hitch. Friends and media were invited to a look into the world of Ketel One. Bob Nolet, he 11th generation inheritant of the family led the tasting, after telling the story of the birth and evolution of Ketel One.

He thought us all how to really savor and enjoy the true taste of Vodka, how to recognize one drink from another and more. Guests followed the hosts every move, and why not he is the professional after all. It was a wonderful event, teaching us that there is more to Vodka then just a hangover 😉