Jean-Claude Biver: We are always the First, Different and Unique

Jean-Claude Biver, the mastermind behind the success of

 “We don’t show our watches in a normal showcase, and what ever we do, we are always the first, we are always different and we are always unique, so welcome, come to Hublot boutique come and discover what is so unique and different and why is Hublot the first.”

A special quote from a special person. Jean Claude Biver, the mastermind of watches, the savior of the Swiss watch industry, the Guru of luxury watches in an exclusive interview with and PingDubai. No matter how much we say about the 64 year old expert, nothing can describe his know-how, his experience and his passion to watches..

Enjoy this exclusive interview:

1. You have been quoted “There is a time for learning, a time for doing, a time for handing over, and a time for moving on” (Forbes), as you led international brands to success, how did you apply this quote to Hublot?

At Hublot I am in the third phase of my career, am 64 years old, before dying I have to handover, I have to share. share my knowledge, visions and experience, my success, some of my mistakes and to share my doubts.

2. Your methods have been described unorthodox in making these brands successful..what tactics do usually use?

I was very simple, I always try to be the first, be different and be unique.. Any project, product, concept or idea that comes to me, it must fit to those requests. It must be the first, it must be unique, it must be different.

4. What did the Swiss watch industry need to make a comeback?

The Swiss succeeded in telling the world, if you buy an expensive watch, you do not buy it to show what time it is. Bcause its not an instrument that indicates time, it is a piece of art, piece of culture, and it is a piece that communicates who you are.

5. What type of watches does Mr. Biver wear?

I usually wear watches where you can see the engine, means watches with no dial, because what I love in the watch is the engine. My watch is very see through, very pure engine, and I just have fun in wearing it.

6. How do you evaluate Hublot and its reach in the Middle EAst in general?

Hublot has developed in this region since 2005 in a very spectacular way, we have turned in 2005 from 300K turnover  to 45 million which is 15 times more in 7 years. It  is difficult to do much more than that.

Who is Jean Claude Biver:

Jean-Claude Biver (born September 20, 1949) is Chairman, board member, and minority shareholder of Hublot, a Swiss luxury watchmaker. Biver has been extremely successful at Hublot, and was previously successful in rejuvenating the Blancpain and Omega brands, both currently owned by Swatch Group. Biver is also known for his own exclusive cheese.

Biver’s leadership in the Swiss watch industry has been credited as “single handedly… saving [the industry] from the quartz movement.” In 1980, even prestigious Swiss watch brands had “a proportion of 70% more or less quartz movements in their collection;” since then, the Swiss watch industry has staged a “remarkable recovery”, with 2008 exports valued at CHF17 billion.