IXSIR Winery Offers an Improved Taste of Wine


There are many wineries in Lebanon, but not all are created equal! IXSIR Winery in Batroun opened 5 years ago as a project between friends who had worked in different parts of the wine industry for a while and wanted to create Lebanese wine in a new and improved way. What sets it apart from other wines is how and where the grapes are grown. They grow grapes in 5 different locations and latitudes in Lebanon, from Jezzine to Batroun, and the ripe grapes are brought together in the beautiful Batroun winery. On the land lies a 400 year old house that used to belong to the Sheikhs of the area and now represents the winery and draws visitors with its gorgeous authenticity.  Underground are several floors of wine cellars, which allows for “free flow gravity fermentation”, which in turn creates a different kind of wine. Although it is steadfast becoming an increasingly popular winery, the owners are not interested in necessarily making it the biggest in Lebanon, but rather in offering a high quality variety that reflects flavors of old Lebanese wine. Take a look at the beautiful photos from the IXSIR winery below: