Incredible Wiz Khalifa in Lebanon!

An enormous THANKYOU to NRJ Lebanon, 2U2C & 7 for an incredible concert event with the one and only number one Hip-Hop star Wiz Khalifa! This night was exactly what concerts are all about. As soon as fans entered through the barricaded gates a signature NRJ wristbands wrapped around their wrists indicating that they were now part of the experience! Everyone that entered through the doors could feel what live music is all about. Bars were setup, banners were up, and music fans from all around were mingling freely. The energy at the Forum De Beyrouth was sky high, when everyone’s favorite fresh face DJ Mini-B killed it on the ones and twos, for the true fans who filled the stands early. Next up, tag team style, was DJ BASE who shared a few words engaging the crowd before he threw out his base bumpin’ Hip-Hop jams. The Forum filled up queuing Wiz Khalifa’s own DJ Bonics. DJ Bonics grabbed the decks and the microphone to deliver a perfectly flowing set. Each track transitioned into the next impeccably until it was time…

The man of the hour, number one Hip-Hop artist, Wiz Khalifa slyly took the stage with these words of wisdom “can’t take it..When I’m Gone” followed by a Taylor Gang chant. Wiz asked the crowd, “if there’s a bad bitch in here point her out”, which you may recognize as the lyrics to his joint “Cabin Fever”. At that point I’d like to think he was referring to yours truly! Wiz Khalifa continued to engage his fans letting them know “I got money, I got hoes, I got honeys” with his song “Gangbang”. The rhyme spitting only got hotter and guess what else? Chevy Woods in the house!! That’s right Wiz Khalifa’s main man and touring team partner Chevy Woods jumped on stage, along side Wiz, for a new set of jams the crowd was more them hyped up for.

Chevy Woods spits out rhymes faster than I can run! He asked the fans in Lebanon if “they came to party”, the arena responded with screams and hands held high up. Over sized NRJ branded beach balls were now air born. Being thrown out into the audience for a fun rendition of “Young, Wild & Free”. Soon after a sing along broke out to “5-O’clock”, a song we all know and love that features T-Pain and Lily Allen. “Till I’m Gone” followed. After Wiz took a break to let his fans know he was very happy to be in Lebanon, with the positive crowd and positive energy. The crowd gave Wiz just what he desired when he requested everyone hands up for a “TGOD” chant, that lead directly into this next jam “Mezmorized”.

Roll call! Wiz Khalifa wanted to know who in the crowd has his album Rollin’ Papers, because he was about to get into some tunes from the album that opened his door to stardom. He sang “The Race” and “Wake Up” as well as everyone’s favorite “No Sleep”…because ya’ll it’s the week end! Now, key the crowd going wild sound because next up was my personal favorite Wiz Khalifa track “I’ll Roll Up”, followed by one of his biggest chart topping smash singles, Black and Yellow. The Forum De Beyrouth was now full of confetti, marking the celebration of an epic concert event. NRJ DJs and team joined Wiz on stage for a last hurrah and the highlight of the evening. Wiz Khalifa held up a large Lebanese flag in the air singing, “put em up put em up!” What an amazing way to end an amazing concert! DJ Base took over once again to give the dance floor another set to move to, to close the night off right! was more than happy to be a part of this epic concert event. Our hats are off to NRJ, 2U2C and of course DJ Bonics, Chevy Woods and Wiz Khalifa!!