HORECA Chefs Drink in Gem And Dine in Alcazar


The HORECA Show 2011 welcomed renowned chefs from several foreign countries who served as the jury for the many competitions that took place during the four-day show. After day 2, BeirutNightLife took these chefs on a night out on the town to give them a little taste of Beirut and the enjoyment it provides, and what better place for that than Gemmayze!

The night started off with a stroll through the Gemmayze strip, followed by some hospitable welcome cocktails at Gem, one of Gemmayze’s very popular bars located on the St. Nicolas steps. A few laughs, some hearty conversation, and some cocktails later, we all headed up the steps to Alcazar, a favorite among Gemmayze-Goers, where a dinner invitation was awaiting in honor of the chefs.

We were served over 8 dishes which the chefs rated according to presentation, taste, texture, and portioning. What a treat it was! My personal favorites which I will recommend to you were the salmon ceviche, with avocado, citrus dressing, and a touch of coriander – delicious and a must-try for any food lover! The risotto edamame is another treat for your taste buds; I enjoyed its creamy texture, its citrusy flavor and the cheese/edamame combination – it was rich and fulfilling. The free range chicken was one of my favorite platters; the chicken tasted excellent and the creamy mushroom sauce that accompanied it was perfect with the pieces of porcini mushrooms. Not being a burger fan, I was delightfully pleased with the delicious juicy mini burgers.  Their flavor was excellent and their bun was fresh and tasty, not to mention the delicious crispy French fries on the side – yummy!


After a wonderful dinner, I made sure to ask several chefs about their dining experience – it was unanimous vote; they loved it. They each explained how they generally found each platter to be well-prepared with adequate portions and lovely presentation. They also loved the magical charm and heritage of Gemmayze and thanked BeirutNightLife for a lovely evening.


It always pleases me when foreigners are impressed by Lebanon’s little treasures; be it a dish or a building or even street – and that’s what BeirutNightLife is here for, to bring the best of Lebanon to the world.