Gemmayze the Colorful Street

If you want to spend your night in a great location in Beirut, where you can spend your night in one great pub or simply crawling from one pub to the next, listening to various styles of music, perhaps dancing a bit, tasting different drinks, or simply hanging around on the street watching people having a great time…then gemmayzeh is a must.

The old neighbourhood of Gemmayzeh had long been an abandoned area after the Lebanese war..even banks had given up on placing ATM machines on that street, cause not too many people seemed to pass through any way..However, times have changed, and today crowds begin flocking to this area after 9.00 pm to have a great time! This street contains little shops that have been turned into bistros and pubs, with different styles and themes.

gemmaye beirut nightlife

Note that, the main street of gemmayzeh is also referred to as Gourad Street.

Dress as you please..but in general, the Lebanese dress up to go on a night out :)