G. Restaurant & Bar- Gemmayzeh Beirut

It’s as mysterious and tempting as the simplicity of its name. G. Inspiring acronyms, begging explanation, the lone letter hangs like a ring of smoke, then vanishes into the air. That is the ephemeral nature of G restaurant and bar, in Gemmayzeh.

This restaurant and bar prides itself in its secret, sensual side, maintaining a cozy atmosphere within olden-style stone walls and ceilings while at the same time throwing its doors wide to the trendy crowd of insomniacs and night-life enthusiasts who animate the Gemayze scene. It’s a great place to start and finish the evening, commencing with a quiet drink at the bar and escalating to a wild night of dance and partying.

G restaurant and bar welcomes you to come experience its delicious menu, including fine US Prime Beef, prepared to perfection using nothing but the highest quality ingredients and served in generous portions. A unique characteristic is G’s genuine old world hospitality and vibrant atmosphere.

Within the comfortable confines of the modest mezzanine, surrounded by friends and anticipating a long night of fun, it’s easy to kick back and forget your worries. So come on down to where the light is low and the spirits are high, and awaken the hidden G in you.

G’s impressive customer base includes businessmen, politicians, and celebrities. Everyone is welcome with warm smiles from their gregarious staff, served the best food, dance to nice music and always abuzz with a sea of conversation and laughter celebrating the best of everything.