Fuddruckers: The World’s Greatest Hamburger Now in Beirut!

Fuddruckers, the “World’s Greatest Hamburgers”, has just expanded its wide chain of restaurants by adding Beirut to its list of cities. For the past 30 years, Fuddruckers has maintained its name, quality and popularity by serving fresh and delicious ingredients, succulently generous US prime beef patties and its very own signature buns that are baked from scratch as they fill up the air with their delicious aroma.

As they say at Fuddruckers, there is only one person who knows exactly what you want, and that person is named you. Following that logic, Fuddruckers created its own unique concept: the Build Your Own® market fresh produce bar, where you take your bun and patty and create your own burger. You decide what you want to add to it, and the combinations are endless.

Fuddruckers is a fun, comfortable and casual venue that is perfect for family members and their young children. Friends of all ages love it as well; who can resist a good burger? The ambiance is very laid back and entertaining at the same time.

This US based franchise opened its doors in Lebanon, specifically on the Dbayeh highway last Friday. VIP’s, clients, friends and members of the media were all invited to celebrate the arrival of this world renowned hamburger joint. Friday’s opening welcomed around 600 people with drinks, music and photographers. After the speech was given and the ribbon was cut, everyone enjoyed a magnificent pyrotechnic display that even caught the attention of passersby. A big cake was also cut during the celebration.

The Fuddruckers Dbayeh branch is very big and divided into an upper and lower level. There are different sections for creating your own burger: The Bakery, The Produce Market, The Sauce Shop and the Butcher Shop.

Are you hungry yet? What are you waiting for? Be one of the first to try out Fuddruckers in Lebanon and let us know what you think!