Frederic Vardon . . . From Paris to Beirut!


Phoenicia Hotel is pleased to greet one of the representatives of neoclassical French cuisine Chef  “Frederic Vardon’’.

After having collaborated with Alain Ducasse as corporate chef for 14 years, Frédéric Vardon opened his own restaurant 39 Avenue George V, a unique eatery in the heart of Paris.

Vardon’s gastronomy defines contemporary and rich French Cuisine.

Elegant, luxurious and right, the cuisine draws its inspiration from French culinary heritage, using new techniques in a modern style.

Frederic Vardon is in Lebanon, hosted at the Phoenicia, on October 20th where he will prepare a delectable 7-course dinner at Eau De Vie for 3 exclusive nights. For this culinary journey, Frederic Vardon has handpicked the finest of exquisite ingredients including delicacies such as urchins, scallops, foie gras, and truffles along with farm veal and line caught sea bass.

Finishing with sublime desserts, the 39V Crispy Chocolate Cake. It is great honor to welcome him at Phoenicia Hotel which lies in the heart of Beirut where you are invited to indulge your senses and taste the finest gastronomy at Eau de Vie.