Celebrating the Flake Fashion Finale


Fashionistas of all categories, professionals and amateurs alike, have been given the chance by Flake to make a name for themselves in the fashion world. The crumbliest and flakiest chocolate bar invited trendsetters to participate in the Flake “Seduce your Fashion Senses” and to create accessories that fit any of the five yellow dresses – symbol of Flake- designed by Antoine El Kareh. For almost a month, Participants visited the Flake booths in the different countries and went online presenting their accessories.

Amongst thousands of young Arab designers who came forward and participated in the competition, 15 made it to the finals.

From Jordan:

Ahmad Al Manasrah

Anoud Obeidat

Mira Al Hammori

Rana Muallem

Razan Obeidat

Roya Ghraibeh

Salma El Shawish

Zina Hammad


From Lebanon:

Arij Sebai

Garsara Kourjakian

Ghada Mulimani

Jean Claude Aramouni


From Syria:

Ebla Hawi

Elie Sayegh

Noushig Soghomonian


The winner was announced in a highly fashionable event that took place in Beirut on May 10th at the Pavillion Royal-Biel, by an assessment from a jury that included renowned names from the fashion and beauty worlds; Actress Jeny Esper, Designer and Fashion Critic, Murielle Angeloupolo Chaaya, Miss Lebanon 2004 and Actress, Nadine N. Njeim, and of course the Lebanese Designer, Antoine El Kareh. The prestigious ceremony presented by Anbella Hilal and attended by almost 300 selective guests, introduced in addition to the accessories of the 15 designers, the first Prêt a Porter collection by Antoine Kareh, all inspired by chocolate. After elaboration from the jury, Rana Muallem from Jordan was finally declared winner of a 3 weeks course at the Istituto Marangoni, one of the most prestigious fashion & design schools in Milan.