Exculsive BeirutNightLife.com: Carlo Vincenti “It will be a very special night”

Alongside the hospitality and food services exhibition, HORECA 2010, BeirutNightLife.com interviewed  Carlo Vincenti, from G.V.S spirits, a leading Wine & Spirits Distribution Company in Lebanon: Stock Vermouth, Volare Liqueurs, Pommery Champagne. Label 5 Whisky, St James Rum, Poliakov Vodka, Gibson’s Gin, Vins Listel, Keglevich Vodka, Mateus Wine,Molinari, etc….

Mr. Vincenti gave BeirutNightlife.com his insight on the participation this year and how effective it was for Lebanon. Mr. Vincenti, as the owner of Poliakov Events, the host for the historical event on May 8th, 2010- Nick Warren Hernan Cattaneo at La MARINA Joseph Khoury (Dbayeh), promised Lebanon a “very, very, very special night”.

Carlo also revealed some of Poliakov events upcoming plans and promised Lebanon, Nick Warren & Hernan Cattaneo on May 8th at La MARINA Joseph Khoury (Dbayeh) will be phenomenal and it is just the beginning.

You heard it from BeirutNightLife.com, you heard from your friends, now you can hear it from the man behind such great events.

History of GVS:

G. Vincenti & Sons, founded by Giulio Vincenti in 1923, focused on the import and export of food products, alcoholic beverages, automotive tires, and chemical and agricultural products.

In 1949, it started its operations in Beirut. Over a span of 75 years, the company has developed into one of the largest distributors of food, confectionery, alcoholic beverages and consumer goods in Lebanon, including Disney-licensed products.

Today G. Vincenti & Sons distribution arms also cover through its sister companies: Jordan (A.I.T.C.), Syria (S.C.I.B.D.) & Romania (R.O.M.C.O.)

Sister Companies:
Italia Film ( a leading movies distributor: Walt Disney, Touchstone, Focus/Universal, The Weinsteins, Miramax, Europa Corp, etc…..)
Vinco Video: Distributor in the Middle East of Home Entertainmen: DVD & Video.
Seca: Owner and Programation manager of Circuit Planete Theaters

Wines & Spirits:
[Stock Vermouth] [Stock Brandy] [Asti Duca D’Alba] [Gran Gala Liqueur] [Fernet Stock] [Amaretto Stock] [Keglevich Flavored Vodka] [1906 Vodka] [Brogans Irish Cream] [Mateus Wine] [Gala Coffee Espresso Liqueur] [Molinari Sambuca] [Limoncello Di Capri] [Pommery Champagne] [Pop Champagne] [Rozes Porto] [Vins Listel] [Volare Liqueurs] [Label 5 Scotch Whisky] [Poliakov Vodka] [Saint James Rum] [Gibson’s Gin]