Exclusive BeirutNightLife.com: Raoul Di Blasio “Beirut is Magical”

In an exclusive interview with BeirutNightLife.com, the amazing Argentinean pianist said: “Beirut is Magical, I will always have it drawn in my mind and whenever someone asks me which city to visit, I will say Beirut”.

The passionate latin Jazz and easy listening pianist held a number of shows at Music Hall Beirut, filling the hearts of the crowds with joy and their eyes with tears, “When I play music, I play what I feel, sometimes I play classic if my mood is classical and other time I change depending on my feeling,” added the Argentine phenomenon.

Di Blasio is expected to extend his visit to Lebanon and have one more last show due to popular demand.

Stay tuned with BeirutNightLife.com for the video interview with the legendary Raoul Di Blasio in another must see interview.