Exclusive BeirutNightLife.com: Above & Beyond ‘expect all-round madness’

In an Exclusive interview with BeirutNightLife.com, Paavo of Above & Beyond stated the following: “Beirut is the world’s first place to witness the future of the Above & Beyond shows. We’ve got some new material from our forthcoming album, and lots and lots of track we’re buzzing about so expect all-round madness!!”

Paavo was speaking on behalf of the World’s Biggest Trance trio DJs, before Sept. 11th, 2010 when Poliakov present the ABOVE & BEYOND Anjunabeats Volume 8 World Tour (2010) at Forum De Beyrouth.“Since doing our first ever live show in Beirut last year it feels like coming home, Beirut’s a special place for us all. Well it’s been quite the year since we were in Beirut last year, we’ve played to a filled Olympic stadium in Los Angeles, headlined Trance Energy in Holland, and met so many lovely people around the world we’re humbled,” added Paavo.

When asked about teaming up with Jaytech and Andy Moor for this event he added: “Jaytech’s been touring with us extensively and his sound just works perfectly with what we tend to play and has always led to a great atmosphere on the night. Andy’s obviously one of the guys we’re overflowing with respect for, and always evolving his sound. And perhaps we’ll even pull out ‘Air for Life’ (our collaboration with him) out of the bag that night.”

Anjunabeats Volume8 is the latest in the mix compilation series from their label, Anjunabeats. It’s now ten years since they started the label, and it shows where they are going too musically in the next six months with the label: “everything from deeper, mellower stuff to uplifting trance. This year, more than ever before, it’s evident what a great collection of producers we have the privilege of working with, there’s new stuff from Arty, Andrew Bayer, Daniel Kandi, Mat Zo, Super8 & Tab to name a few… but yeah I could talk for hours, just go and grab the compilation and have a listen (and a boogie!),” said Paavo.

Above & Beyond will be unveiling their brand new visual production that people in places like London and Los Angeles will have to wait for. Musically their goal is to give you your best ever clubbing experience.

Going back in time, the 2009 event was one of the best gigs A&B held in Beirut: “The level of excitement for the kind of music we’re into is really high, and the energy of the people makes the parties great. Last year’s gig, especially, was a night we’ll never forget, as we played live for the first time and came home grinning from head to toe!

Ok Lebanon you heard it on BeirutNightLife.com first, Paavo on behalf of Above & Beyond has a clear message for you: “Bring an open mind and some happiness, we’ll bring the music, let’s make some clubbing history together.”

A&B are working on the next artist album with Zoe and Richard, and have lots of tracks nearly finished. Paavo also has a piece of advice for all the Lebanese talents who hit the decks and dream of being international one day: “I think it’s important for a DJ to understand as clearly as possible what’s unique about what they do, and to remember that DJ’ing is all about giving people the best experience musically as possible. Especially when starting up, many DJs concentrate on technique, but it’s all about the music at the end of the day.

It is close, it is near, and it’s a few days away…. The night of September 11th, 2010 when the World’s Biggest Trance trio DJs/ Producers ABOVE & BEYOND land in Beirut and blow the roof of Forum De Beyrouth with Anjunabeats tracks and more.


For more info: https://www.beirutnightlife.com/music/above-beyond-in-lebanon-anjunabeats-volume-8-world-tour-2010-2/