Excitement at the Lebanon Youth to Business Forum


AIESEC is one of the largest NGOs in the world that has 80,000 members and is present in over 113 countries, including Lebanon. The association is managed by youth and fresh graduates that are seeking self-development to have a positive impact on society. The main aim and purpose of AIESEC is to help the youth develop by providing its members with an integrated development program which includes leadership opportunities, cultural exchange programmes and to participate in a global learning environment.

AIESEC Lebanon started its journey in June 2011 and is growing more and more each day to become the fastest AIESEC expansion of 2012. The association is present in the top Lebanese universities such as LAU, AUB and USJ.

This year, AIESEC Lebanon was proud to host the Youth to Business Forum on March 23 at AUB.

The Youth to Business Forum is a platform for top Lebanese entrepreneurs to meet and discuss with top Lebanese student from different local universities in addition to top talent student coming from 6 Arab and 5 International countries. It is of a unique taste that offers young students a glimpse of the professional world they are bound to enter in the near future. Even though universities are a big part of a person’s formation, it is not enough. We all need a support and knowledge of experienced and successful entrepreneurs to illustrate a clear picture of what will be expected of us in the other dimension.

Peter Dorman, President of AUB along side the UK’s Tom Fletcher, His Majesty’s Ambassador to Lebanon and Fady Abboud, Lebanon’s minister of tourism each delivered speeches about the importance of youth and they’re impact on our society.

This was followed by two panel discussions that generated a lot of the attendees’ attention, especially through the Q&As at the end of each panel. The corporate panel included Georgina Risk, Mazen Hajjar, Marc Dfouni and Ziad Feghali, the non-corporate panel was with Zeina Saab, Lana Chukri and Afif Tabsh, and last but not least Daniel Sadek made a memorable closing speech to end the day.