Elissa Graces the Stage at Beirut Souks

The music business in Lebanon is becoming quite crowded with new singers and acts popping up randomly but there are a few names that will stand strong for a long time coming. Elissa is one of these big names. Her career began after she won the Silver medal on Studio El Fan, a popular music competition here in Lebanon. Since 1999, Elissa has put out a very impressive 8 albums and has collaborated with A-class artists such as, Ragheb Alama, Fadl Shaker, Cheb Mami, French singer Gerard Ferrer as well as Chris DeBurgh.

Oriental music fans were indeed excited to hear about her one night only performance as part of the Beirut Holidays events. Elissa took the stage at Beirut Souks, looking angelic in a long flowing white dress and later spiced up her style with a glittering gown. For light hearted fun, Elissa comically fooled the audience as Bassem Fghali came out dressed as the singer to performed a song. Elissa sang backstage, which truly threw the audience off. Elissa joined the show once again to perform a full set of hits including songs off of her newest album “As3ad Wahda” as well as songs from the legendary Fairuz and more. Elissa brought in a packed house as seats filled with music fans. Celebrities who came to catch the show included Ziad Bourji, who also performed a song accompanying Elissa onstage, Wael Kfoury, Joseph Attieh and more.

The Lebanese star shined bright during this concert event.