El Siciliano Live Pizza Chef

A passion,a Show, a Performance………………….

It’s all in a pizza

At Siciliano, the home of sicilian taste ,we present the true icon of  Sicily, by providing the atmosphere ,the taste and the flavor of this sol and sea.

on december 6 th, we have the honor to host a hero from Agrigento, Sicily, Italy the world champion of acrobatic pizza “Pasqualino Barbasso” by himself .He is  known for his creativity,energy and fitness in making pizza which is  twisted into a shape of 2 meters in diameter .

For this culinary expert,pizza never has been boring because toosing pizza isn’t just a way to show off the culinary skills.When we toss a pizza instead of rolling it, we create a crust that is both more tender and more crispy ,also the irregular nature of a hand tossed pizza will make each bite a slightly different experience.

Enjoy the exclusive show at siciliano where no limits ,this  unique event atmosphere celebrates  the enjoyment of pizza beside offering  an authentic taste .This invitation is  available for any one who wants to learn ,to make ,to play ,to open a pizza and to be charmed by this  acrobatic endeavours.