Eela by Elias Rahbani

Eela Elias Rahbani

A special musical theatrical play by Elias Rahbani at Palais des Congres Dbayeh. Opening night full of celebrities, politicians and other vips in town. An outstanding performance by all actors, Mr. Rahbani simply astonished the Lebanese crowd.

Our birth and death are fate, but the laps in between is our decision…which fate do we live and which decisions do we take to make our present and future a reflection of our past…as if the place has slipped in the turmoil of time … names and faces change…and the fate of nations stay hooked to waiting…

If EELA was the place… and the time is in an unknown stage… and the struggle is facing the good and evil…and if Soola…is the struggling voice coming from the horizon of freedom and life telling us: No … for the oblation of victims offered to Shamoon…the comparison is pathetic between the inspiring past and the present which makes the theatrical weave.

How many Salamons we have representing Shamoon the devil throughout history pricking his claws in our bodies to produce wars, killing, destruction and victims to make the history of Man in our country, names whose absence left sorrow …

The play of EELA is a witness of the struggle between pain and hope in the history of people who carried a heritage of thousands of years to widen its scope of knowledge, belief, science, literature, poetry and music…to prosper its conscious to ask for more freedom…this people whose curse almost made them lose their genuine productivity and became the prisoners of formalities and rituals… lost in the echoes of the mixture of the voices’ noise… where the voice of righteousness was lost in ourselves… and  the voices of the devil’s advocates became louder and the names changed into occupation, mandate, oppression and depression. How many of the bribed media resembles Dimyan with the tabloids and their poisoned impact and pictures that deleted all the colors to leave the dark black only accompanying our vision and days…

When the values are dropped… and the truth loses its core…and the welfare of the nations becomes a hostage of the individuals…Shamoon prospers… people resort to the fortune-tellers to light a small corner of hope… there Zeera comes, who is like the politicians of our country. Zeera predicts from the people’s pain…to become a vague voice…occupying the people’s minds.

Ella’s story is living a state of waiting the deprivation of a youth girl…going to the unknown…her story resembles the story of our youth generation: some of them fell as martyrs for a lost cause…some lived as martyrs for lost principles…other spent their lives overseas and came back as strangers…while some others were buried as strangers in the soil of a far place.

May be the insanity of Abbood is the solution to fly away…he can say anything without any censorship…and may be the championship is the solution… but the champion is the insane who cannot say anything he wants, as the marriage of championship with courage is the shout for revolution against oppression and tyranny. But how many revolutions in our country have eaten its elements…and how many heroes were lost… and how many reformers were killed…the catastrophe is that we don’t value those pioneers except after their death.

In the play of EELA… Elias Rahbani wanted every citizen to read it as he/she wanted…to be a document of word, music and theatrical scenes lighting our sorrows and happiness…where lights break the past… and what we live in the present…asking the coming future…until when we continue to be the audience…accepting the devil’s desires?! When do we become the people who comprehend their right and love for life and its beauty… and refuse to be the oblations on the alter of states and Sultans…?!

Another Rahbani signature to the world of music and art.