Eatalian: Indulge the Italian in you

For hundreds of years, the boot-shaped nation of Italy was fractured into warring city-states, isolated by geography and culture. In each of these a separate culture of food and dining emerged, evolved and became a regional archetype. The result was one of the most diverse and sophisticated culinary traditions in the world with a strong emphasis on fresh ingredients, professional preparation and a zest for stylish presentation.

Today that tradition has reached around the globe. Here in Lebanon, for a taste of true Italian cooking, Eatalian is the venue for you. With fresh, oven baked pizza, a range of Bruschetta, Insalate, Pasta & Risotto, Piatto (platters meat, chicken, and fish), Dolci, the restaurant will furnish you with all the dimensions of a true Italian experience.

A Casper & Gambini’s chain, Eatalian in addition to its Kaslik location, recently opened a new outlet in Aschrafieh, on Abdel Wahab street. The restaurant features the classic Eatalian menu of mouth-watering entrees like wild mushroom risotto, a creamy al dente that literally explodes with flavor; Bresaola antipasti, Milanese Caprese Salad and a Grilled Tenderloin Crostini. The list goes on and on.

The restaurant’s interior décor leans towards the cosy confines of a Tuscan Villa, it’s walls the ripe red hue of a fresh summer tomato. The presentation of the cuisine is simple and beautifu: food is served on wooden boards, according to Italian tradition, and the aesthetic sense of the food is derived mostly from it’s reliance on the natural colors of the ingredients.


Eatalian is owned and managed by the company Casper & Gambini. The good news is that this means the tradition of fresh ingredients and perfect cooking techniques are handed down to the younger franchises. The better news is that Eatalian’s greatest strength seems to have also been inherited from its bigger brothers – the Desserts.

Italian Soda, Ricotta Cheesecake – two opportunities for greatness, two opportunities seized. Both meld a delicious, mouth-watering combination of sweet and creamy. The effect is dreamlike.

Elegant simplicity is the name of the game at the tasty, and tasteful, slice of Italia.

By Nadine Kahil