Diner d’Intronisation @ Table D’Alfred

Beirut January 23, 2010 — Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, an international gastronomic society dedicated to bringing together professional and non-professional members from around the world who appreciate wine, cuisine and fine dining. This principal and important Chaîne concept is the cornerstone of our Society and one that truly distinguishes the Chaîne from other gastronomic organisations.

Each member is fortunate to be part of a Society that has a long culinary history and tradition which is still promoted and celebrated today through the Chaîne’s extensive international, national and local events. “Grand Chapitres”, gala events which celebrate the induction of new members, are organised by the “Bailliages”. While activities vary from country to country, all “Bailliages” offer fine dining events, often black tie, in the best local restaurants and hotels, as well as less formal occasions such as “Dîners Amicaux”. Dinners are often held in settings such as museums, galleries, private clubs, and historic buildings. The menus and dishes are in many instances, created exclusively for these Chaîne events by chefs, many of whom are also members of our Confrérie.

The sheer diversity and geographical presence of the Chaîne worldwide continues to remind us that each Bailliage forms a vital part of a much larger, dynamic international community. With over 25 000 members in some seventy countries, the Chaîne is forever expanding and evolving through the creation of new Bailliages.

Our members, both nationally and internationally, are not just our backbone but provide the intrinsic support we need to continue to develop and strengthen the Regards.