Dead Can Dance the Epic Concert Event in Lebanon

Here in Lebanon we are very used to welcoming top class international artists to perform for music fans all over the country. While it is true that most of these artists are commercial, with tunes we hear on a day-to-day basis on the radio, sometimes we get treated to new sounds and in this case unbelievable sounds. 2U2C brought us a wide range of musical acts all summer long, most recently giving music lovers an incredible evening to remember. Well over a thousand people flowed into the Zouk Roman Amphitheatre to catch for the first time in Lebanon the amazing World Music Fusion band, Dead Can Dance, fronted by an incredible voice also known as Lisa Gerrard.

The stage was very Zen like and the lighting flowed on the backdrops, white drapes waved with the winds. Their divine tribal underground sound was incredibly hypnotizing. They performed much of their old repertoire as well as most of their newest works. As a special treat, Dead Can Dance performed an Arabic song from the musical scale “Maquam Nahawand” called “Lamma Bada2a Yatathanna“. was honored to be a part of this epic music event. Enjoy photos from the show below!