Cosmic Gate & J00F pump one hell of a party

You heard it from BeirutNightLife, fortune tellers such as Mike Fghaleh, Michel Hayek, and Lebanese geologists….An Earthquake will hit Lebanon, and it did tonight.

It was a Cosmicquake, it was a J00Fquake…. The ground was shaking, thousands were jumping to the best of Cosmic Gate and John ’00’ Fleming music. Beirut was dancing to the beats of the long awaited DJ’s. People felt it coming when Jade & Diamond Setter warned the attendance that what is coming is dangerous… What was coming was musically lethal. The two local DJ warmed up the crowd for what was coming.

Cosmic Gate played long sets  introducing a wide range of styles and music. Several new tracks from compilation B2B4 were introduced, such as the brand new Single Barra, and new remixes such as “I see you”, that was mixed especially for the blockbuster movie (Avatar). On the other hand, J00F drove the people mad, as he fed from their energy taking them into trips they never dreamed… Long J00Felicious sets took people all through to the early hours of the morning.

Cosmic Gate were pumped and ready, and J00F gave Beirut one hell of a party…

The beautiful disaster was not over, DIO closing set was an after quake that kept the attendance on their feet

Another announcement was also made, Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo, will be rocking Beirut in May, more details will be revealed on BeirutNightLife very soon.

BeirutNightLife: Beirut the only way it should be….

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