Farra Design Christmas Tree Competition

Farra Design Center organized a Christmas Tree Competition opened to the public from all sectors.

Artists, NGO, students and architects met on Sunday November 29 at Farra, Mkalles to set up their trees and decorate them. In an atmosphere of Christmas carols and joy, Each participant brought along his friends and family, they started at 9am and finished around 2pm.

farra christmas tree

Distribution of prizes and trophies will be distributed on December 18th amidst a Christmas Choir and book signing at Farra Design Center’s premises. This event is to be repeated every Christmas.

Vitrine christmas farra beirut

Activities at Farra Design Center on Friday December 18, 2009, 5 – 7pm

  • Book Signing by Dr. Hareth Boustany: Feuillets Libanais de Fouad E. Boustany.
  • Christmas Carols Concert with Armand Paraskevas, Nicole el Rassi Abdallah, Sam, Joelle Tabet (piano), and Chawki Abou Kheir (arrangement).
  • Vahan Roumelian Paint Exhibit by Noah’s Ark Gallery.
  • Christmas Trees Contest Results and Awards.
  • marcopolo Gifts Shop Extension on Ground Zero.
  • 40% 1 day only discount on all carpets.

Farra Design Center wishes you a festive season and a Happy New Year 2010

Farra Design Center, Mkalles 01-687000, www.farra.com


Thank you for sponsoring a day at the Restaurants du Coeur. 300,000 free meals are offered yearly to needy elderly persons, children and families.

Thank you for caring and ordering food from C.R.C. on Dec 15-16 and 17. By doing so, you helped handicapped persons who cannot afford a wheelchair.

Thank you for attending the Avant-Premiere at the Diseurs Theatre and help the Renee Wehbe Center for Elderly Sick Persons in Mansourieh (Metn). If you care to take a tour and visit, please give me a call.

Thank you for sponsoring a class or a school, volunteering or sending volunteers from your company at Injaz Lebanon (Junior Achievement) and help kids learn rudiments of economics to be self sufficient. Target for 2009-2010: 7,000 students in 50 schools.

Thank you for voting for the best Christmas Decorated Tree. Here’s the results:
·         Best Color: Mirna Youssef
·         Best Creativity: Soule
·         Best Functionality: Nancy Solta
·         Best Design: Casafekra
·         Third prize: Georges Mattar
·         Second Prize: Donner Sang Compter
·         First Prize: Rotaract Club of Metn

The voters get to win too (each gets a voucher for $100):
·         Leila Matar
·         May Hitti
·         Mirna Audi
·         Elise Shebaya
·         Elias Saliba

Anthony, you showed that Lebanon – despite the economic crisis – is still a country whose citizens have the vitality to help others in need.

We wish you Health… so you may enjoy each day in comfort.
We wish you Wealth… so you may change the world to a better place.
We wish you Wisdom to choose priorities… for those things that really matter in life.
We wish you Happiness and Joy… and Blessings for the New Year.
We wish you the best of everything… that you so well deserve.