Charlie Winston Rocks the Stage for the Beirut Jazz Festival 2012

Although Jazz is the main music genre focused on during the International Beirut Jazz Festival, it isn’t against the rules to bring in an artist who encompasses different music styles. The International Beirut Jazz Festival 2012 welcomed English singer-songwriter Charlie Winston to bring in his Alternative, Folk and Indie Rock flavor to the stage. The stands were packed at the Beirut Souks for what was to be an action packed Rock concert event. In fact, the audience went wild during the show, really getting into the action. Charlie Winston and his band engaged the crowd with their amazing stage presence. During the last few songs, fans rushed to the front of the stage to sing along with Charlie. Charlie Winston appreciated this so much that he jumped off of the stage and straight into the crowd, to sing along side his fans. Just when we thought the band left and the show was over, Charlie came out solo to perform an encore for his audience. was there to catch the action for Charlie Winston live at the International Beirut Jazz Festival 2012