Brit Floyd Thrills Beirut for the 3rd with Pulse World Tour


A mesmerised audience was under the Floydian spell as the incredible Brit Floyd took over Beirut for the third time on Saturday December 21 for their biggest concert yet. The ultimate live Pink Floyd tribute band, with all its extravagance, brought together all the best elements of a real Pink Floyd concert. The Pulse World Tour show, organized by the veterans at Poliakov Vodka, took us on a journey back through all of our beloved Pink Floyd songs – a journey of sound, light and emotion. As we witnessed history in the making with an audience of almost 5000 people, the Brit Floyd band members played beautifully, sang soulfully and put on a real show for the ecstatic Pink Floyd lovers that gathered at Forum de Beyrouth.


From the first minute, the audience was overwhelmed, cheering and singing along as Brit Floyd started the show with an all-time favorite, Another Brick in the Wall. The rendition was note for note, and accompanied perfectly by a school Choir. The crowd enjoyed not only some of the best songs in history, including Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Money, Hey You, and Wish You Were Here, as well as many many others. The wonderful voices of the band members and melodies harmoniously overlapped and took over from one another. 


In addition to the sounds was an out-of-this-world interactive stage show. The incredible 3D lights played with the music and melodies, forming various shapes that shone out into the audience with various colors.  Meanwhile the visuals included interactive animations, colors, illustrations, vintage Pink Floyd photo and video footage and song lyrics that played across the giant screens on stage. As the concert progressed, colorful glow sticks were given out and the massive crowd could be seen holding their glow sticks and their phones, like specs of light in the darkness, adding to the spectacular light show on stage.


For the third year, Brit Floyd blew audiences away with their spectacular show. All the Floydians came out to celebrate one of the most iconic bands of all time in this incredible tribute concert. Many of the audience members were there for a third time, enjoying it more and more with each show they’d seen. They say third time’s a charm, but in this case all three times have been a fantastic experience, with the latest being the biggest, best and most attended Brit Floyd concert yet. Thank you Poliakov Vodka for the incredible rock concert of the year!