Beirut From the 27th floor: An Experience you will never forget

It is a breath taking scene for two reasons…. First you see Beirut with all its beauty… second you have to climb the stairs of a 27 floor building to understand the truth behind beauty.

The experience can not be described, its exhausting, some called us crazy, other told us what the hell were we thinking.. Still we saw something they did not see, we felt something they will never feel unless they try it. Beirut was worth it, I personally by the 10th floor heard my heart beats in my ears as I can hear a DJ playing his loudest music in a rave concert. By the 20th floor, your legs turn numb, and you begin to see your flashes of your life on a tape in front of your eyes.

The moment we reached the roof, and when we breathed in the fresh spring breeze from the 27th floor, I could hear nothing, and see nothing… No more heart beats, no more films. Anthony Rahayel and Wissam Hichmi installed the tripod to take the pictures, and took their time to shoot beirut in photo and video from every angle and every perspective. Two hours we will remember for the rest of our lives. When at 90 meters of height, Wissam and Anthony gave all their inspiration and knowhow taking amazing pictures and present them to those who dont have the chance to be in our shoes.

Just Beirut, the beauty, the beast, the elegance, the noise. Thats what makes Beirut special, and thats why when we reached the 27th floor, we understood the meaning of “a breath taking scene”.