Beirut Cooking Festival 2012


The Beirut Cooking Festival took place at the Pavillion Royal Biel for 3 days of cooking, cooking, cooking and more cooking with more than 3000 food experts and lovers visiting the exhibition to taste, see and enjoy the show. The event brought together the very best in cuisines, drinks, and top celebrity chefs.

The show caters for all businesses in the food and drink sectors, from small producers to big brands. More than 50 exhibitors Retailers exhibited and promoted their products and  food loving audience just enjoyed it. The exhibition included Accessories and utensils, tableware, kitchen equipment: heavy and small, food & beverage, restaurants, small producers as well as services (kitchen courses, chefs at home, websites etc).

The show was full of recipes for everyday meals, easy entertaining and dishes from celebrity chefs, cocktail courses, new trends in cooking and ingredients, and equipment on the market. enjoyed all that cooking and brings you a glimpse of the 3 days festival.