Beirut Boat Show 2010- Another Success Story in the Lebanon

The Beirut Boat Show 2010 that took place between May 19th and May 23rd at La Marina (Joseph Khoury) Dbayeh, scored another successful exhibition in the series of shows in Lebanon. The closing day witnessed the blessing of the Lebanese President Michel Sulieman, who toured the show with a number of prominent Lebanese including H.E Adnan Kassar.

After 3 years of absence, Beirut Boat has achieved remarkable growth and results:  Over 100 exhibitors (industry related & satellite practices), more than 60 moored boats, some 6 international participating countries (Germany, Italy Kuwait, Dubai, Egypt, Turkey, Luxembourg, UK) in addition to the Lebanese who’s who of the yachting industry. also spoke to a number of participants and visitors where all expressed their fascination with the organization and the exhibition in general. In a remarkable way of ending the show, at 09:45 p.m on Sunday, the show ended with the horns of the boats, marking the end another successful show organized by ifp.