Beirut….. ARE YOU READY ???!!!!

This Saturday Night Clubbers of Lebanon….Be at the only party place in town at La Marina (Dbayeh) & UNITE With the TWO Masters of Progressive House Music: Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo.

Nick Warren said that some of his favorite ever shows have been in Beirut, Hernan Cattaneo said he is looking forward to this night in Lebanon. Beirut, the process of making history is 24 hours away, the Two Absolute Masters of Progressive House at La MARINA Joseph Khoury (Dbayeh) this Saturday May 8th, 2010 are set and ready. The talk of the town, the event of the season and a fresh, classy, energetic aural delight for this once-in-a-lifetime clubbing experience.

The venue is set, the venue is huge. Its a 15m height tent brought over especially to Lebanon for this historic night and an outdoor set up overlooking the unmatched magical setting by the sea of La MARINA Joseph Khoury (Dbayeh). This event will be the first outdoor event of the season, thus stating that Poliakov Events, as usual , are the pioneers in launching big events for all seasons.

Progressive House music addicts…. you will dance like you have never danced before, you will listen to the essence of progressive house music with a sea view to make it not only a historical night but a special one as well.

The opening will be big with a warm up session with your favorite Jade & Diamond Setter, the Masters will step in to set the sea on fire, make it memorable, make it count. The night won’t end there, your Lebanese international DJ Ali Ajami will make sure to chain you to the Marina with his dazzling beats.

If you did not get your ticket yet, for witnessing this moment, the moment Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo blow up La Marina Joseph Khoury (Dbayeh), what are you waiting for????

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