Arts, Music, Sports and Fun at Car-Free “Discover Gemmayzeh” Street


Imagine Beirut without cars! For one day, at least one vibrant part of Beirut was car-free, as part of the Ashrafieh 20-20 project – it was “Discover Gemmayzeh” time! The Gemmayzeh district was completely isolated on Sunday from 10 AM till 7 PM, allowing pedestrians to roam freely in the street with their families, friends and even pets, all in the safety of a car-free environment. There was loads of entertainment for all tastes, from arts to music to sports and food. A live street zumba class was held in the morning, and street performances like characters on stilts, fanfares and dancers, as well as a DJ and concerts kept the crowds busy throughout the day. Likewise people went around looking at an art exhibitions and shows, environmental activities, as well as wine tasting, and much more. The event drew masses of proud Beirutis to the street, all of whom enjoyed the fun all day long.