Akon in Lebanon was an EPIC Concert!


There’s only one word to describe the concert of the year: EPIC! AKON blew us away with his performance last night at the RnB event organized by Poliakov Vodka that Lebanon has been waiting for since it was announced a few months ago. It was well worth the wait!

The gate opened at 8 PM on Saturday June 22 with people lining up in anticipation for the concert of the year. Outside Forum de Beyrouth the hyped up crowd gathered while inside the place was set to receive the rap superstar. People entered the venue to the beats of DJs Easy B and Josh from Radio One and saw the massive LED screens and a huge stage that were set up for the event. Before Akon took to the stage the crowd got into the RnB spirit with the sounds the DJs who played awesome party sets for the crowd.


There were people of all ages standing, sitting and in the golden cage, and there were separate sections for under 18, for Akon’s young fans to also enjoy the show. Dancers hit the stage to entertain the crowd and give them a great show.

Then it was the moment everyone had been waiting for, it was time for the multi-platinum, 5-time Grammy nominated artist with 12 million albums sold worldwide to make his long-awaited appearance. Before the clock struck 10, AKON took to the stage and the massive full house crowd went wild for the RnB superstar! The party people were dancing and jumping like crazy with their glow stick.


Devoted fans sang along when the RnB megastar sang hits like Lonely, I Wanna Love you, Smack That, Dangerous, Right Now (Na Na Na), Trouble, his new hit with David Guetta Play Hard and a lot more. He also performed with African bongos with Benny dancing with a kilt to the beats. While singing Put the Blame on Me, Akon joked “Beirut you can put the blame on me!” The people also loved it when he said Beirut had one of the loudest crowds in the Middle East, but his DJ said the Dubai crowd was a lot stronger, to which the Beirutis went crazy!! But Akon reassured everyone he doesn’t believe his DJ and went on singing!

He also shouted out, “Beirut is the number 1 in excitement in my book!” The party atmosphere in the place was phenomenal, everyone was dancing and singing along to the hit songs and having a blast! He was an amazing performer, being super interactive with the crowd in his songs, and getting everyone’s hands in the air. He also said “It’s nothing stopping Beirut!” and the crowd went wild again.


Akon gave his all in the performance and the huge LED screens and amazing visuals and pyrotechnics really added to the event’s ambiance. The event was very well organized by Poliakov Vodka. After finishing the concert Akon left the stage for Radio One’s DJ Mark, who continued the evening for the party lovers who were just too pumped up to go home right away.

Over the past 10 years Akon had 2 other concerts in Beirut and this third one was definitely a charm! Words really can’t describe how amazing the concert was, from the very beginning down to the very last minute of the event. A picture is worth 1000 words so take a look at the concert photos, and relive the memories of this phenomenal RnB event of the year.