A Sleepless Weekend in Beirut- Day 2

So the last thing we did in Beirut that day was B 018, and as I told you I was the last one to leave and my friends had to drag me out of the place. It was finally time to go back the hotel, and crash. You think!!!?? “Habibi” as one of the guys stated, “In Lebanon you never sleep”, there is always something new that you can do..

7:30- 9:00 Breakfast at Falamanki Sodeco
We went had breakfast at Falamanki, with these extraordinary cheese & Zaatar manakish, Hummus & Awarma, Fool Mdames, and the Yoghurt Fatteh.. After that you have to finish it with a mind blowing fruit cocktail along with the Shisha. Ok now I am full, tired, exhausted and need to shower and crash for a couple of hours. The next step, nope not the hotel… Riviera Beach Hotel.

9:00 – 19:30 Riviera Beach Hotel
Summer in Lebanon is something different, the experience that you acquire.. Its a club, no a beach, no a restaurant, I just do not know how to describe it. You have everything around, especially where we were located “Prive” thats what I call getting spoiled.. This special venture has outdoor swimming pools, a pool bar, private Jacuzzis “My favorite ofcourse’, bungalows, and turning sun beds. Sitting in the Jacuzzi, under the Lebanese sun with a sip of the Wine Rose was just divine. The comfort you feel up your spine hitting your brain is just not to miss. Now what is the best thing after the beach!!??? SUSHI!!!!!!!!

20:00 p.m- 22:00 Maki Restaurant

We checked Maki which is the newest Sushi joint in Beirut, it is a Japanese fusion restaurant with fresh quality exotic ingredients. The display, the atmosphere, the location it is all just a perfect package. Whether you are a true lover of traditional Japanese food, such as Udon, Sukiyaki, or if you have no idea what those are, and prefer something cooked, such as teppanyaki, tempura, and vegetable fried rice, this is the place to be.

22:30- 00:00 Back to Gemmayzeh/ and Monot
A couple of places were recommended to visit before we hit other locations. Gemmayzeh is full of pubs and bars all over the street, so passing through is not an easy task at all. We passed by Noir rooftop for a quick drink and enjoy the great scenery from the top. Then I a crazy game of having 3 shots in 10 pubs around Gemmayzeh. It was fun, well, it was as long as no one was driving. We hit Monot street which was and still has some of the best clubs in town as well as pubs and class A restaurants.

00:15- 3:00 Brut Beirut and more
What a place!!! The venue in the middle of Monot street is known for its RnB nights. Jams from hip hop and RnB, and the ladies on the bar going crazy was enough to get you fueled all night. We finished from Brut and headed to Ain Le Mraiseh, to have a quick beer from the renowned coffee joint Uncle Deek, I loved the place, people parking taking their coffee, tea or beer and cross the road and have a peaceful moment with the Mediterranean sea.

4:00- 8:00 Guess where??
Oh YAAAAA!!! It was B 018 time again baby!!! I was so looking forward all day in Beirut to come back to that place and go crazy that night at Beirut’s legendary club. The DJ’s drove the underground fanatics mad, crazy, and musically insane!! We jumped and flew on the wings of the best beats I can hear in my 30 years of life. The highly recommended B 018, crowded, full of energy, full of life.

(To Be Continued)