17 Artists, One Night, One Stage! An Action Packed NRJ Music Tour 2012

NRJ Music Tour 21012 here we go! The biggest concert of 2012 officially hit Beirut. July 7th marked the moment music fans all over Lebanon have been waiting for. The NRJ Music Tour 2012 was officially underway.

NRJ resident DJ Mini-B, a face concertgoers in Lebanon love to see, took his place behind the ones and twos providing opening warm up set that lit the crowd up. Spirits were high and the atmosphere was like no other, it was almost as if you were at a music carnival. Trident Gum, a proud sponsor, filled the place with colorful balloons adding to the already bright evening. By 8pm the Forum De Beirut began to fill up. Teens flowed onto the dance floor ready to move, young adults and VIPs took their spots seated or at the VIP lounges, that came fully equipped with additional screens broadcasting close up shots of the stage and performers. Two mega jumbo screens also hung high, making sure everyone in the house could see their favorite artist up close and personal. Concertgoers settled into to their spots and all were amped up, ready for the festivities to begin…

But the question is are you ready!? MC for the evening Lexter took to the stage with a very friendly hello to Beirut and to everyone from around the world who came to enjoy Lebanon’s biggest concert of the year! The first artist, out of 17 hit making performers, hit the stage…Welcome Goldfish Parade, an up and coming band who delivered their most popular tune, which included the sound of drums, guitar, vocals and even a harmonica, an original sound from Goldfish Parade. Next up, Lebanon’s very own rocker chic diva, Jezz who hit the stage with power and a sexy outfit to boot! She shocked fans in a good way along with DJ Bob Howard, a name we all know from his residency at the popular hotspot White Beirut.

A wild firecracker of a girl, Poly took the stage demanding the crowd to “scream mother F*%@ers!!Poly isn’t your run of the mill pop star, she has a look and sound that is specifically Poly! She supplied a mix of RnB, Pop and Hip-Hop music with a fun twist as DJ Mini-B backed her up from her DJ deck. Another amazing voice hit the stage with Anthony Touma and his mix of pop/ funk songs singing “MORNING WALK”  and spreading a smile on the faces of the crowd with  “JUST TO SEE YOU SMILE“. Time for another face we all know and love, singer Lara Skandar came on stage singing “Chains”. Dancers accompanied Lara for her impressive set and as a special treat she sang “Falling Out of Love” for the first time. Mini-B, the man we can’t get enough of, came back to supply hit songs while balloons filled the room.

Anjulie, coming all the way from Canada, hit us with “Brand New Chick” followed by lovely Jessica D from Romania. Jessica D sang “Hero” and “Love Her Back” as her dancers moved to the music… Fireworks went off signaling that the stage was hot hot hot! Sultry Kerli from Estonia hit the stage with “Zero Gravity”, joining her were Poly and Lexter! A NRJ Music Tour collaboration? Absolutely! Lexter held up the Lebanese flag paying homage to our beautiful country while practicing his Arabic on stage singing, “Ana Ba7ebek”…then straight into his rendition of “We Will Rock You”, Lexter is officially partying!

Fly Project took their turn to entertain concertgoers with the Latin flavors “Musica” and “Mandala”, DJ Mini-B and Lexter served as back-up dancers. I music say, I am not surprised to see our very own Mini-B stealing the show. Gary Go showed up to wow the crowd with “Close To Me”, along with a solo guitarist who rocked along side him to “Cinema”.

Lexter had the crowd chanting the lyrics to the Cranberries song Zombie, yet swamped the word with NRJ…Everyone repeated “What’s in Your HeadNRJ NRJ NRJ!”, until Chris Willis hit the stage. We have all heard Chris Willis’ singles with David Guetta but live is a whole different ball game. He sang “Everytime We Touch” and exclaimed to fans “ana bmout fikon!!” heading straight into lyrics telling all to “Stand Up Get Up”. It is Chris Willis’ third time in Beirut, so to him it feels like home. You can feel this by the energy he puts out on stage. He sang “Love is Gone” and dedicated “No Getting Over You” to Beirut, sending the crowd into a frenzy!

Blonde bombshell and “Panda Madam”, Anda Adam rolled in…literally, on a motorcycle along with her strong attitude, stage fireworks and back up dancers. She posed a question while singing, “Can You Feel Love”…and yep we all did! OLA showed us how it is done in Sweden with his hits, including the ever so popular, “I’m In Love”, no wonder he has been “All Over the World”. From Sweden to New York…now it was time for the East Side to take over as Neon Hitch, the fiery redhead with a lovely and melodic voice, took the stage delivering her hits including the lyrics everyone could sing along to “Coming Home”.

The crowd was now more than ready for headliner Sean Kingston to take the stage, but that’s alright because the wait was over! Lexter delivered a great introduction for the man of the hour and Sean responded by delivering all his hits including “Fire Burning”, “Back 2 Life” and more! Sean Kingston shared warm feelings with fans explaining how blessed he felt to be in Lebanon. He moved to the music while performing for his Lebanese fans. A perfect way to end an enormous action packed concert event! A special thanks to the 2U2C and NRJ family for continuing to keep live music alive in Lebanon!