Traveling to Beirut? Live in Beirut? Like Amazing Money Saving Deals?

Traveling to Beirut? Live in Beirut? Like amazing, money saving deals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you must check out for Beirut.

If you haven’t heard of yet here is a quick rundown…the site offers fantastic deals everyday with discounts literally up to 90% off, at local restaurants, bars, spas, entertainment and more. Each day you will receive emails for a deeply discounted offer. You reserve the deal and enjoy your discount! It will show you how many people have taken advantage of the deal as well as how many days are left.

For example: Today I saw a deal that was 60$ for a full two hour facial mask therapy in Verdun! For those of you who take care of your skin you know how great of a deal that is.

You can also download the app for your smart phone. So if you are in town looking for great deals, places to go I suggest you download this app. or sign up online…It’s free so Have fun saving money all over Lebanon!