Take a Tour of Beautiful Beit Chabab


Lebanon’s many beautiful mountains are home to great little villages dotting the green forests with their stone walls and red tile roofs. The town of Beit Chabab is 24 km north of Beirut in the Metn district, situated at 700 meters above sea level. The town is renowned for its handicrafts such as pottery and textiles, and is the site of Lebanon’s only bell foundry, which supplied bells to churches in and around Lebanon. Its name comes for Syriac, meaning “house of the neighbor”, although it’s often confused with the Arabic “house of the young men.” When visiting the town you’re  bound  come  across its old church, which dates back to 1761 and are see loads of rich mulberry trees. Check out our pictures of the gorgeous views and great scenery in Beit Chabab.