Stunning Sights of North Lebanon


From the mountains and the rifts, to the quaint villages and picturesque views, Lebanon’s northern side has a beauty all its own, not comparable to any other part of the country. Up on the peaks there are many small villages as well as larger cities. One of the most popular tourist destinations is Bcharre, a town at an altitude of 1500 meters in the Kadisha Valley. Bcharre is home to the astounding Cedars of Lebanon, and is the hometown of the famous writer and artist Khalil Gibran, now housing a museum in his honor.

Down by the coast is another beautiful destination of North Lebanon, the seaside town of Chekka. It’s located just south of the ancient Phoenician port of Enfeh and the city of Tripoli and is famous for its amazing white and green mountain by the Mediterranean Sea and its gorgeous beaches. If you’re looking for breathtaking beauty at every turn in the road head north and take in all the amazing sights!