Sidon: The Gate of South Lebanon

The beautiful city of Sidon, or as most call it ‘Saida’, located on the coast at 45 km south of Beirut, the city is considered to be the commercial and business capital of South Lebanon as well as its gate. It received its name from the “first-born” of Canaan, the grandson of Noah. It was the first home of the Phoenicians on the coast of Canaan, and from its extensive commercial relations became a major city.

Like other Phoenician cities, Sidon was controlled by the Persians, as well as the Greeks and Romans before the Arab conquests. You can feel the mix of cultures in the heritage of Sidon just by walking through its isles and streets. Today, Sidon’s main street is busy with small shops and commerce. A quaint city, visitors enjoy touring the souk, khan el franj, Sidon’s Sea Castle, the Grand Mosque, Debbaneh Palace in the old Souk, Riad El Solh Museum, Land Fortress, Echmoun Temple on the banks of Al Awaleh river,  and other historical sites.


The delicious food is another epic story of Sidon, the sea food, the oriental Arabic fast food including hommos, falafel and the best of the best Sidon sweets including Saniora, Baklava, Jazariyeh and a lot more.

For those who visit Sidon?? What is a lovely memory that you have acquired??