Raouche Really Rocks


This beautiful Beirut landmark that has been around for ages and is one of the most famous of Lebanon’s heritage sites. It’s graced many picture-perfect postcards from Lebanon, and has a legacy all its own. But it’s not only a historical and natural sight, it’s also a hub in the center of the city, vibrant and filled with activity. Beirut’s Raouche coastline is dotted with restaurants and cafes as well as street-vendors, all overlooking where the sky kisses the sea by the famous rocks. Raouche, also known as Pigeon Rock, attracts the young and the old, the Lebanese and the tourists, those who walk, bike, jog, stroll, as well as fishermen and the occasional gutsy boys who dare climb or jump down into the warm Mediterranean sea in the summertime. It’s a magnificent site, especially at sunset, when locals and visitors alike stop to admire the beautiful view of the sea, the rocks and the sky. It’s a place where the community gets together, regardless of age or social stance, to enjoy one of Lebanon’s purest places. It’s lovely all year round, but now that the weather is getting warmer and drier, come by, on foot or on wheels, and enjoy the picturesque view, the food and the people at the place synonymous with Lebanese tourism, Raouche.