Pinea Campus the New Outdoor Experience in Jezzine!

The trip to the south of Lebanon is never a dull one, especially now that the Pinea Campus has hit Jezzine! visited the newly established campsite. Come along with us on the Pinea Campus experience…

Crossing the airport in the Khaldeh area, on our way to the buzzing and vibrant saida, we passed the last of the crowded cities into the peaceful and serene village, which would become our destination. While driving up the mountain roads one can feel the air becoming fresher and lighter. A cool brisk breeze swirled into the car, signaling that it was time to turn the air conditioning off and start enjoying the cooler weather along with the beautiful natural landscapes on both sides of the road. We all felt the need to stop a few times along the way to fulfill a need. A need that grows in the urban cities we live in, which is the need to stand and listen to the glorious sound of nature and to be amazed by its profound beauty.

Soon we saw a sign announcing our arrival to the casa of Jezzine. This sign pointed us to our final destination, welcoming us to Haitoura! Haitoura is this beautiful village resting in the midst of a huge pine forest that is accompanied by long well paved curvy roads and very nice, welcoming people. We were all ecstatic to have arrived at Pinea Campus! A guide from the camp met us at the town square to lead the way to Pinea Campus. We entered the camp through a cool bamboo door marked with the camp’s sign on both sides. The weather was magnificent. The area was colored by a fairly new and unique spectrums of colors that us city dwellers tend to forget exist.

There the visionary behind the Pinea Campus project greeted us, Marwan Ammoun. We rested a bit as well as chatted with Marwan, who had this to say, “We would like to thank the Jezzine Municipality Union for their support, especially its president Mr. Khalil Harfouche who has been encouraging us from the beginning. It is this kind of support for private investments in the Jezzine area that will allow the region to flourish and regain its standing as a top destination for tourists.” Very nice words from the man behind Pinea Campus. Now on to our tour of the amazing camp…

The tents are well placed in order to accommodate up to 50 campers! All tents are fully equipped with mattresses, sheets, covers and fluffy pillows, supplying comfort while we were “roughing it”. The Pinea Campus has even installed restrooms and showers for both ladies and gents in order to provide them with all the means of comfort, leaving everyone to enjoy nature at its absolute best. The camp also provides a full kitchen that all campers are welcome to take advantage of. The kitchen includes freezer, fridge, ovens and even BBQ stations.

After the camp tour, we thought we would try some of the many activities the camp offers. We enjoyed ATV rides, as we cruised through hill tracks surrounding the camp. Of course we road all the way to the top, for chance to catch that priceless “bird’s eye view” and panoramic scenery of the sights below. This was a feeling that can never be fully described but will be forever felt. As we arrived back from our ride, the guys already installed the trap-shooting machine. We got our adrenaline fix by shooting clay discs as they flew up one after another. In addition to the ATV’s and trap shooting, the Pinea Campus offered us bike rides and exhilarating hiking trips to name a few of the amazing outdoor activities that you are able to enjoy when you feel the need to free your soul into the wild nature.

We concluded our trip with another great chat with Marwan about this project and his future plans. Check out the interview and the Pinea Campus video that includes highlights from the BeirutNightLife/Pina Campus trip we had chance to take and enjoy. This was a great way to spend a weekend and run away from the tiring urban routine that tends to consume us. Consider this article, video and photos our humble way of sharing with BNLer’s a true and not to be missed experience at the Pinea Campus.

Pinea Campus comes from the Latin words “Pinus Pinea” or Stone Pine and “Campus” meaning “Field.” Enjoy it!

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