A Perfect Holiday Activity in Lebanon at the Four Seasons Hotel Beirut

Looking for something fun to do with your family for the holidays? Become jewelers in the making at the Four Seasons Hotel Beirut. This is a perfect activity for Lebanon’s inhabitants and its tourists alike. Whether you are on a visit staying at the gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel or you reside in this beautiful country, you can experience fun and learning all while creating your own jewelry.

Known for its cultural richness, food and nightlife, Beirut is also recognized as the land of creative fashion and jewelry designers – Elie Saab, Rabih Kairouz, Mouawad, Zougheib, George Hakim, Moukarzel and many more. Four Seasons Hotel Beirut, takes guests into the world of fashion and style with the chance to express their individualism and charisma in something so simple, yet so personal: jewelry making.

Fashion and Design in Lebanon

The capital of Lebanon is also its fashion capital, and indeed perhaps the fashion capital of the Middle East. With modernization at its zenith, Lebanon is not far from the influence of the rapid change of the fashion world. Before written language or the spoken word, there was jewelry. Jewelry is a story by itself, and these personal adornments were always made to express inner ability and talent, worn to beautify nearly every part of the human body.

“Every visit to Lebanon is a story on its own to tell; it beholds so much history, culture, beauty and people,” says Stefan Simkovics, general manager of Four Seasons Hotel Beirut. “With every piece of jewelry worn you’ll hear a tale of romance, travel, adventure, friendship, celebration or personal epiphany. Combining both would give visitors an unforgettable memory of their visit, and it’s an opportunity we are happy to provide to Four Seasons guests.”

Jewelry Design Making Classes

It does not matter if one is a woman, man, adult, teenager or a child; if one is an innate designer, amateur, or a discoverer, guests of Four Seasons have the chance to be a jewelry designer for one hour through one of the three workshops tailor-made for adults, teens and kids, or become a professional with the “Jewelry Making for Absolute Beginners (Adults and Teens)” class.

The Hotel’s concierge can provide guests with Jewelry Design Making lessons with an expert in the field of jewelry. Whether guests would like to have the lessons at the Hotel or prefer to enjoy learning at Rana’s workshop in Houna Centre Hamra in Beirut, all can be arranged by booking the session 48 hours in advance of the desired day.

All tools will be provided, but if a guest decides to have more sessions and learn the profession, they can start bringing in their own equipment with the assistance of Rana.


Jewelry Making for Absolute Beginners (Adults and Teens)

  • Eight session workshop (three hours each session)
  • USD 650.00 per person, all inclusive
  • Ages 18 and above

Guests learn all the basics about jewelry making, designing by using special tools and the many techniques in jewelry making for beginners. At the end of each session they will have made jewelry to wear or take home. They will make basic earrings at the first session, more advanced and complicated earrings in the second, bracelets in the third session, necklaces in the fourth, and variations in the last four sessions, including wire wrapping, rings, accessories, sets and more. Guests will have a set of tools and few different boxes of beads, wires, bindings, cords, chains, and so on to use during the workshop and to keep afterwards.

Adults Fun Jewelry Making Classes

  • One session (three hours)
  • USD 180.00 per person, all inclusive

A variety of designs and projects will be offered for guests to choose from. Guests will then be guided through simple and easy steps to making a jewelry or accessory item, with choices of different beads and materials, allowing for creativity and personal design, with guidance from the instructor. Guests will be provided with tools and materials to make jewelry to wear or take home.

Teens Fun Jewelry Making Classes

  • One session (two hours)
  • USD 110.00 per person, all inclusive
  • Ages 11 to 16

Guided jewelry design and making classes for teens, using a variety of techniques and projects. Guests will be able to make one or more projects to take home or wear, and use all the materials and tools provided during the workshop.

Kids Fun Jewelry Making Classes

  • One session (90 minutes with snacks and drinks break)
  • USD 90.00 per child, all inclusive
  • Ages 4 to 10

A big variety of colorful beads, materials and charms are provided to make one-of-a-kind beautiful children’s jewelry. Projects and designs are offered for inspiration and simple and easy-guided steps will help children in creating and designing their own jewelry. Depending on the time of the year, themed jewelry making sessions can be offered, such as Halloween, Christmas, and so on. Children will be able to make many projects in one session. All tools and materials provided to use during the workshop.