Old Meets New at Byblos


The city is one of the oldest in the world, dating back to at least 7000 B.C. but Byblos anything but dead. Sure it’s got ancient ruins and quaint old buildings, but the city’s spirit is more alive than ever and it’s a great place to hang out, day and night. During the day it’s impossible to miss the stunning ruins scattered throughout the city, especially by the old port. It was a Phoenician port city in its heyday, and today it’s a UNESCO World Heritage City. When you get hungry in the warm sun, you’ve got an abundant choice of mouthwatering seafood restaurants and lovely venues by the sea, serving the best and freshest fish strait from the sea. The sun worshipers can head to the various beaches and resorts that line the coast and cater to different tastes and budgets.

Don’t miss the vibrant souk, with souvenir shops and boutiques all along the most charming old stone-paved streets inside ancient walls. A walk along the streets also reveals several churches, many of which also date hundreds of years back to the crusades. After the sun sets, the town is fast turning into a nightlife hub where you can have a bite and a drink in a truly unique and lively atmosphere. Byblos is not only a city proud of its heritage, but also one that is continuing to renew itself and adapt to changing times, with amusement options popping up each year.