Lovely Hemlaya Hiding in Mountain Lebanon


Nestled in the heart of the North Metn Mount Lebanon region is the town of Hemlaya, boasting beautiful views and natural beauty all around. It’s close to the city of Bikfaya at 850 meters above sea level, and at the foot of Lebanon’s famous Mount Sannine. The mountain village is the perfect winter destination, summer retreat, and a great attraction for tourists. Home of Lebanon’s Saint Rafqa, many visitors pass by the home of the Saint on the hill where she grew up before entering a monastery. There are two versions of the origin of the town’s name, either it was the name of a Phoenician town whose meaning originated from Syriac , or it was named after a princess named Leah who lived in the area. Take a look at the lovely photos of the village below and definitely pay a visit next time you’re in the mountains.