Green Faraya Screams Spring!


Faraya may be known for its snowy peaks and top notch ski resorts in the winter, but what happens when the snow melts? Every year the cool white slowly gives way to vivid green on the stunning mountain. At an elevation of about 1,500 meters, Faraya and Faqra are in the Mzar Kfardebian area, also known as Ouyoune el Simane, which means Simane springs. These springs burst to life as the weather warms up, and with the melting snow nourish the lush vegetation on the mountains.

In addition to the bright nature in the springtime, you can visit the well preserved Roman temples, columns, altars and rock cut tombs in the area, as well as a natural water-crafted stone bridge called “Jisr al-Hajar”. “Mzaar” is the Arabic word for sanctuary and this certainly is a beautiful sanctuary or greens in the spring! Enjoy it in these perfect spring months.