Faraya, Faqra, Kfardebian: Escape the Heat


Welcome to the hottest month of the year, granted you’re living in Beirut or about to visit. Days and nights in the city may become unbearable and you’ll find yourself longing for a quick escape from the scorching heat. Luckily, Lebanon has many cities and villages at different altitudes to suit everyone’s tastes, and what better destination for a weekend getaway than Faraya, Faqra, and Kfardebian?

Whoever said Faraya, Faqra, and Kfardebian were just winter destinations obviously has never spent a few days there in the summer season. The warm sun and the cool breeze make the area an ideal location for tanning by the pool, and you have several choices for that:

Montagnou: A delicious restaurant where you can enjoy a wide variety of platters from pizzas or salads, to raclette or sushi. This cabin boasts its own picturesque infinity pool, outdoor bar, and garden, which are perfect for warm summer afternoons and relaxing sunsets. It’s the perfect place to begin and end your day.

Igloo: Another restaurant with its own pool where families can enjoy an afternoon swimming in the cool water, lunching on the terrace, or simply enjoying a drink or a hookah in the garden.

Faqra Club: Everything you want can be found here; a swimming pool, a restaurant, a clothing store, a recreation area. It is ideal for families.

If you’re looking for other activities to do during the day, why not rent an ATV with a group of friends and enjoy the scenery. If you’re a fan of trying new things or if you’re simply a fan of skiing, you can enjoy an afternoon of grass-skiiing in Faqra. Yes, skiing is no longer limited to the winter season!

If you’re in Kfardebian this coming weekend, you can stop by the Mza’art Exhibition at Les Jardins du Mzaar and take a look at the works of Lebanese designers.

During the evening, you can enjoy a delicious pierrade dinner at Rikky’z followed by a night of partying. Rikky’z gathers up a fun crowd in its beautiful log cabin and terrace to dance the night away every weekend. Don’t miss out!

For some mouthwatering French cuisine, why not try Le 1700. If you’re in the mood for a casual drink in a cozy bar, drop by Powder after dinner.

For a delicious Lebanese dinner, you must try 3end Chaker, 3end Fawzy, or Chez Michel.

The Mzaar Intercontinental Hotel has a variety of restaurants to choose from as well, whether it’s Le Refuge, La Tavola, or the traditional Khaymet el Hor – perfect setting for this month of Ramadan.

There are several hotels and chalets to rent for the weekend or for the night, for all budgets and tastes.

Just remember to book in advance.

In a nutshell, this is what you can enjoy doing during a two-day weekend in Faraya, Faqra, and Kfardebian. Gather up a group of friends and spend your next weekend up there. If you’re looking for a fun-packed weekend, you will never run out of things to do. If you’re just looking for relaxation, you’ve also come to the right place.

To enjoy all that Lebanon has to offer, take a break from the city every once in a while, and visit one of Lebanon’s cities or towns.

Stay posted for next week’s suggestion. Till then, enjoy Lebanon!